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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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house. >> reporter: there are new details out about this assault including the fact that bin laden's own wife was used as a human shield during the operation by bin laden. it's been nearly ten years since george bush said famously that he wanted bin laden dead or alive. late last night, officials told us since 9/11 the american people had wanted this result. and last night they finally delivered. for president obama, they were 12 words. nearly ten years in the making. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> reporter: the end came for bin laden not in a remote cave, but in a million-dollar mansion an hour outside of pakistan's capitol in a city called abbottabad. >> it was far from certain and it took months to run this thread to ground.
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>> reporter: the lead was that there was a high-value target under protection at the home. eight times larger than any other nearby. the house had extraordinary security with 18-foot walls and bashed wire but suspiciously had no phone or internet. >> our message to the taliban remains the same. but today it may have even greater resonance. you cannot wait us out. you cannot defeat us. but you can make the choice to abandon al-qaeda and participate in a peaceful, political process. >> reporter: in march president obama held the first of five national security meetings to plan the assault before giving the go ahead for the operation friday. >> his death is the most significant victory in the fight against al-qaeda. it sends a strong message to terrorists around the world. >> reporter: on sunday a team of u.s. special forces
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descended on the home by helicopter. osama bin laden was found on the home's third floor and resisted and was shot in the head during a fire fight. his two couriers, his son, and his wife used as a human shield also died in the gunfire. >> bin laden has been calling for the attacks living in this compound. living in an area that's far removed from the front. hiding behind women who were put in front of him as a shield. i think it just speaks to just how false his narrative has been over the years. >> reporter: observing muslim tradition of burial within 24 hours, his body was taken to a ship, weighed down, and buried at sea. >> the world is safer. it is a better place because of
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the death of osama bin laden. >> reporter: late this afternoon the associated press reports that u.s. officials now believe there's a new tape from osama bin laden. it's not known at this time whether this is an audio or a videotape, but it appears to be making its way through al-qaeda media stream and may bolster efforts by supporters the myth that he survived the attack. >> who now takes over as the leader of al-qaeda? >> reporter: it's the key question in this worldwide war on terror tonight. all signs right now point to a number 2 man in al-qaeda. but frankly, senior administration officials said last night that he does not possess the kind of charismatic personality to recruit members to al-qaeda. al-qaeda is a much different network than ten years ago.
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clearly, the administration thinks they have dealt a fatal blow to the recruitment of this network. >> what about al-waki? there's been a lot of concern about him here? >> it's another indication about how much al-qaeda has changed over the past year. this is no longer a network that was solely based in some camps in afghanistan. they have farmed out. different areas and different areas of the world even. and now the mission is not just getting one man, it's getting into the different networks and disabling those leaders and breaking down the network from without and within. >> the work is not over yet. tom fitzgerald, thank you. president obama called former president bush shortly before addressing the nation last night. he called the killing of osama bin laden a momentous achievement. his death marks a victory for
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america for people who seek peace around the world and for those who lost loved ones on september 11th,2001. no matter how long it takes, justice will be done. house speaker john boehner responding to the death calling it an important moment in the war. but he acknowledged that the fight is not over. >> it's important that we remain vigilant in our efforts to defeat terrorist enemies and protect the american people. this makes our engagement in places like pakistan and afghanistan more important, not less. >> boehner congratulated president obama and former president bush along with the members of the armed forces. celebrations broke out. hundreds of people gathered last night outside the white house gates and stayed there until the wee hours of the morning. the celebration continues there today. people are still gathering to
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mark this moment. >> reporter: people have been coming and going here at the white house all day long. there is the sense of excitement. a sense of history and people want to be a part of it. a thumbs up to president obama and a thank you from a man who lost a friend on 9/11 for taking out terrorist osama bin laden. >> this is actually closure. i realize this brings an end to a chapter. >> reporter: these two wanted their infant son to be a part of this day. >> we're witnessing history. this is a big turning point. >> reporter: people gathered outside the white house snapping pictures and carrying flags. a woman visiting her daughter from germany called it a victory for the world. >> she wants just to say that she wants to be here on this historic day. we're happy. it's not just here. it's throughout the entire
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world. >> reporter: the crowd not as big as sunday night as news of bin laden's death broke. this spontaneous gathering through hundreds of people singing and chanting. antiwar protesters called to bring the troops home. >> what better way than looking at the life of a mass murderer and saying we will do just the opposite. we will stop the fighting. >> reporter: they were shouted down by a future marine. but they found common ground on bin laden's demise. these virginia wows wives are proud to be americans. not to celebrate death, but justice. >> bush said we will smoke you out. obama stood with that plan. i'm proud of him for moving on with it.
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>> reporter: justice for 3,000 people killed in new york, pennsylvania, and the pentagon. people we talked to today say they know this will not bring an end to terrorism, but as one woman put it it shows we can bite the head off the snake. >> thank you. there has been a steady stream of visitors to the site of the plane attack on the pentagon. a memorial was dedicated at that spot. that's where we find karen gray houston. >> reporter: everyone has their own reason for coming here. some of them came just because osama bin laden was killed. it's a very moving memorial in its own very peaceful, quiet way on a normal day. there are 184 benches out there. you see the people walking amongst the benches. each is inscribed with the name of someone who died when the
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plane crashed into the building. everybody stopping by today has vivid recollections of what happened that horrendous day. four more months and it will be the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. hijacked american airline flight 77 went into the side of the pentagon flown by terrorists under the command of osama bin laden. the memorial is to the lives of unsuspecting government employees and frightened passengers including children. it has become a place to quietly reflect. today it was more than that. visitors were glad the nearly decade-long worldwide man hunt for a national enemy was finally over. >> i was happy. i couldn't believe it. i was stunned. but then i thought about all the people that had died here. i was here at the time when it
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happened. i just pay tribute to a man who died coming in that day to go to work. had just retired. i had known him for 15 years. i became the new replacement for him. >> i'm glad that we got him. i'm glad for the military. i know that was their mission. i'm glad for america because that was something we wanted to have happen. >> reporter: it's not every day that we do stories where people applaud somebody's death, but what happened here at the pentagon was a monumental tragedy and osama bin laden was a special case. back to you. >> karen gray houston, thank you. osama bin laden dead, but the future is anything but clear. what's next for u.s. relations in pakistan now that the number one threat is out of the picture. and what about the muslim community? how are local residents reacting to the news. that's next. 
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as we have been telling you, osama bin laden was tracked down deep in pakistan. that nation has said they had no idea the terrorist was there. so what kind of impact does this have on the relationship between the the united states especially when it comes to the war on terror? we're going to speak with an expert in a moment.
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but we want to fill you in on some information. the fbi and homeland security are large law enforcement that osama bin laden's death will likely inspire home grown extremism in the u.s. to try to carry out attacks in the near term. they are warning local police agencies across the country. the agencies issued a joint intelligence bulletin today saying the core al-qaeda group is less likely to carry out attacks against the u.s. in the immediate future, but spinoff groups around the world are of immediate concern. so they are going to stay on top of that. we'll have more on that in a minute. first, we want to guest to justin logan who can talk about the relationship between pakistan and the united states going forward in light of the killing of osama bin laden. justin logan is the associate
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director of foreign policies. thank you for being with us. the u.s. and pakistan have been allies in the war on terror. apparently, the u.s. did not ask for permission to go in on the raid. however, secretary of state hillary clinton gave credit to pakistan for helping lead the u.s. to bin laden. do you see any problems arising from this raid and the outcome? >> i doubt it. the administration has been walking a very fine line. the president last night and the secretary today had some very diplomatically couch language saying there has been bilateral cooperation in general, but they were clear on background last night. the administration was to say not only did they not inform the pakistanens of the operation, but it was tightly held secret within the u.s. government more generally. i think there's a real tense relationship with pakistan. you heard the former president condemn the strike. so it's a dell indicate dance they are doing. >> do you think it's possible
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that the pakistanen government knew nothing about it? this is a compound that overshadowed other homes in the area. there was bashed wire all around it and no phone or internet. how is this compound built without people asking questions? >> that's a very good question. when it comes to what the pakistan government knew or did not know about it, it depends on what you mean by pakistan government. obviously, there have been elements who have been at best sort of walking on both sides of the global war on terrorism. so i think in the days and weeks ahead, we're going to hear little drip by drip information about how this came together. the compound was built in 2005. they don't know how long bin laden had been there. but this was an operation that was very long in the making and actually the operation itself began in august of last year. so it's quite telling we were
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able to keep this secret. >> there's got to be a lot of question about what happens with al-qaeda and pakistan. are you concerned that there's more of a terrorist presence there in the country than we already knew? >> there's this business of safe havens we talked about when it comes to al-qaeda more generally. do they have one in afghanistan? do they have one in pakistan or yemen? i think what this shows is it's easy for al-qaeda to have a very small presence anywhere. recall that the 9/11 plotters themselves plotted in germany and even came to the united states and operated. that we need to focus on geographic locations. what we have shown is al-qaeda can be just about anywhere. it's very telling. abbottabad is a very developed location inside of pakistan. this was not the sort of hinterland cave location we talked about for a long time. >> do you see the pakistan
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government being on higher alert given the fact they didn't know about this? >> higher alert may be a different way than i would put it. it's importan the pakistannens view the entire region with a rival of india. they view nato operations in afghanistan as disadvantaging pakistan in context of india. so they've been behind the scenes griping about u.s. policy in afghanistan. so they feel like their nuclear weapons buy them some bargaining power, but the u.s. hasn't responded to that. so what i would hope is that going forward, the death of bin laden will allow the united states to reorient its counterterrorism away from the large nation missions in the islamic world and more the targets direction we saw today. >> all right. thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. mixed reactions from the
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muslim world. the afghan president said bin laden's hands were dipped in the blood of thousands and thousands of children and elders of afghanistan. an afghan citizen had a different view saying bin laden was like a hero of the muslim world. how are american muslims reacting? the council joins us. how did you find out about bin laden's death and what was your reaction? >> i found out by being on the internet last night. i was watching some internet television. i clicked over to yahoo news and saw the headline. >> what was your reaction? >> i was shocked. and in disbelief just like a lot of people were. >> are you happy? well we don't want to be happy, but the implications of it and what it means after 9/11. what was your reaction to that? >> my reaction is that i think the reaction of most american muslims is we're not happy.
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you won't see a lot of muslims in the streets celebrating, but we certainly won't miss him. american muslims have consistently condemned terrorism. and osama bin laden unfortunately represented for a lot of people terrorism. and hopefully this will close the chapter and move the united states on to settling the middle east and that part of the world. >> do you think that bin laden's death will help heal some of the wounds that were ripped open after 9/11. >> i think so. i feel like the american people right now seem to be in a celebratory spirit and a lot of people who lost friends and family are saying they felt happy and a little bit more healed by news of the death. >> are you concerned now that bin laden is dead? the u.s. is not at war with islam. there was specific terrorists that the u.s. is at war with. are you concerned about any
5:21 pm
backlash or are there any concerns? >> i think our concerns are just the same concerns as other americans. as the president mentioned, there could be home grown terrorism. there could be other leaders who are plannening the next terrorist activities. we're just as concerned as the united states in someone taking up the banner for terrorism and god forbid creating an event that's worse than 9/11. he's killed just as many innocent people as someone who would be considered a murderer. so a lot of american muslims consider him to be a murderer, and i am one of those people. >> thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. a news alert right now. a deadly crash on i-66. sky fox over at the scene a short time after it happened.
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this is near route 7100, which is the fairfax county parkway. it will be closed for another 15 minutes or so. we have no information on how this crash happened or who the victims are or what that debris was that you saw on the road. we're continuing to work this. westbound traffic is being detoured on to route 50. a path of damage and destruction that left more than 300 people dead. tonight we're learning new details about the tornado outbreak that ripped through the midwest. first, a quick check with sue. >> we have a very nice afternoon and evening here around d.c. we're not seeing any showers showing up. temperatures are comfortable. in our full weather, we'll update the tornados 234 our region and look ahead to our next chance at thunderstorms. don't go anywhere. 
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a wild celebration outside the u.s. naval academy hearing the news it was the navy seals who killed osama bin laden. a lot of pride there. the men moved the party. they got a mega phone and told the crowd he'd been out singing with them and led more cheers from his front porch. cadets at west point sang the national anthem and kept the celebration going into the early morning hours. for these students, bin laden has been the most wanted man in the world for about half of their lives. you may not see it, but it's there. we're talking about the stepped up security in response to the death of osama bin laden. >> we're taking a closer look at the changes already in place
5:27 pm
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a worldwide travel warning for u.s. citizens following the killing of osama bin laden. officials are worried about possible revenge attacks from al-qaeda. the warnings are expected to continue through august 1st. u.s. embassies and americans living overseas are also on alert as well as police departments including those here in the d.c. area. osama bin laden's death is also forcing law enforcement officials to step up security in the nation's capitol. officers with guns have been ordered to patrol the capitol and downtown area. they are staying visible in hopes of preventing any retaliation. paul wagner is live. >> reporter: officials we talked to declined to go on camera instead telling us there
5:31 pm
are no specific threats in the city that they are aware of. instead they admit they are ant sei. they are a bit on sedge checking with intelligence sources on a regular basis. their main concern is the lone wolf who might seek revenge. you don't need a keen eye to see security has been stepped up outside the white house. the naval observatory where the vice president resides as well as the embassy of pakistan. on the mall, canine officers could be seen patrolling the grounds of the washington monument. one of them armed with a long gun. at the u.s. capitol, additional officers were called in to saturate the streets around the house and senate office buildings. there too officers carried long guns. on the metro system, the chief of police promised increased visibility. >> this increase is not related to any specific threat to our system, rather than it is out of an abundance of caution.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: metro has enhanced security in many ways. cameras cannot record what they are seeing and sensors detect chemicals and biological weapons. the chief reserves the right to inspect bags. >> that's always a possibility once we got the approval to move forward. so those are to be expected throughout the life of metro. >> reporter: some riders were more concerned than others. >> in general, i would be nervous about riding any system or being in too much of a crowd anywhere. >> are you being extra vigilant? >> yeah. i'm making sure i stay away from crowds. >> are you worried about riding the system today? >> no. i feel safe. >> are you vigilant when you ride the system? are you looking for things that might be out of place? >> i probably would notice
5:33 pm
things that are out of place. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say in addition to what you can see being done to keep people safe, there are multiple and visible players of security you will never see. from the days after 9/11, police and other agencies were kept extremely busy in the city running from one suspicious package to another. sources say they had very few of those calls that they handled. now the police did say that they want the public to be extra vigilant and looking for those suspicious packages and to call if they do see them. >> paul wagner, thank you. it was a real stop the presses moment for newspapers all over the world today. the long row of papers outside the museum tells the story of bin laden's death. the arizona republic used large font and a picture of bin laden. the miami harold printed a simple he's dead at the top of
5:34 pm
their paper. the omaha world harold used a picture of bin laden with the word justice. there was apparently live coverage of the operation that killed osama bin laden hours before president obama even made the announcement. it turned out a pakistan man broke word on twitter unknowingly giving a play by play of what was going on. he tweeted helicopter hovering above abbottabad is not usual. that's just one example of how news of bin laden's death spread before the president even announced it last night. will thomas is down in the web center with how social media played a role in this movement. >> reporter: as you know, it's being widely reported that news of bin laden's death was first reported on twitter. at least that's where it first crossed. facebook playing a huge role as thousands of people gathered all the the white house last
5:35 pm
night. let's bring in our guest. dave wolf is the vice president of strategy for a d.c.-based technology agency. thank you for joining us. let's talk about the record number of tweets from last night. between about 10:45 and shortly past midnight. a huge number of tweets. what's the numbers? >> it's seeming like at the peak, they were doing about 5,106 tweets per second, which was just off the charts. but more than just the peak period while it was going on. just before and just after the speech, there was a sustained duration of over 4,500 tweets a second going on around the world. >> an average number of sustained tweets is like 600. so these are astronomical numbers. as we said, there was a tweet that crossed about 10:45. it was former secretary donald rumsfeld current chief of staff. he says i'm told by a reputable person they have killed osama bin laden. many people and news agencies
5:36 pm
are saying this may have been the first tweet to actually report osama bin laden had been killed. what do you make of this? >> there's a break between what you're seeing online and what you guys do here in terms of integrity and ethics around that. >> so he doesn't need multiple sources as we would. >> that's right. the real irony is the word we're hearing is that his source was actually a television producer. they weren't ready to run the news, but twitter it can take right off. >> but social network sites are part of the landscape now. would you agree that they actually push people to the news agencies that they have come to trust. they see a tweet like that and say let me turn on hopefully fox 5 and get the real story. >> absolutely. people are using this to get the news and know they need to look to another source to get the complete story. 140 characters on twitter is all you're getting.
5:37 pm
>> facebook played a huge role last night in what we saw at the white house. people meeting at the white house and posting pictures. this doesn't come as a big surprise. it's probably more the norm. >> it is become the norm. we're seeing more and more companies looking at like facebook and bringing both location as well as social as well as video and photography to tell the story. >> there's a lot of talk about a photo floating around that shows osama bin laden with a bullet photo to his eye. we're not sure if we'll ever air that. but your advice is what? be careful what you click on. you may be thinking about the photo and get something different. >> just like around the tsunami, people are using this opportunity. the way they gain search sites to drive you to scamming sites. be careful where you're following and check reputable
5:38 pm
sources. >> all right. thank you for joining us. tonight at 6, we'll walk you through our website. we have a page dedicated to our coverage. >> it was fascinating watching twitter last night. i was on it myself. it was going off so quickly. thank you. seemed unsafe to fly. it's been four days since nasa scrubbed the endeavor launch. we're staying on top of the developing situation.
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♪ [nervous laugh] whoo! so many choices. take your time. the service center. okay. giving you choices. now, that's progressive. call or click today. an explosion destroyed the home this morning.
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a blast blew out the wall. one person was hurt. no word on their condition. the fire department is now investigating. there are reports of a gas smell right before the explosion. endeavor will not be taking off any time soon. an issue is the heaters. friday's mission was scrubbed hours before liftoff. now there's word the next attempt won't happen until at least next sunday. officials are hinting they are not even confident repairs will be completed by then. new informs agent the deadly southern tornados. according to estimates, there were more tornados in a single day last week than in any other day in history. there were 312 tornados during the outbreak including a record-setting 226 in one day. agency officials say 334 people were killed in a 24-hour period. the sun showed up a little bit today.
5:43 pm
>> how will the workweek shape up? the forecast next. 
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we are getting new photos of president obama and joe biden along with members of the national security team receiving an update on the mission of osama bin laden. this is in the situation room of the white house yesterday. in this picture, you can see a classified document that's been obscured by the white house. there are more photos that have been released. we have them on reaction to osama bin laden's death has been pouring in. especially from those directly touched by the 9/11 tragedy. a student and a teacher from lucky elementary school in southwest were among those killed when their plane crashed into the pentagon. today students at lucky remembered them as they reflected on bin laden's capture and death.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: they are too young to remember the september 11th attacks, but these 6th graders are forever linked to the tragedy. >> we could have been in the pentagon at that time and a plane would have crashed and killed all of us. >> we are one of the three schools where the teachers and students were on the plane. >> reporter: the plane carrying 64 people including lucky teacher hilda taylor and a 6th grader that crashed into the pentagon. sheryl robeson knew both of them. the death of osama bin laden is closure. >> it helps to lighten my heart knowing that ten years did not go in vain. >> reporter: this monday morning, students gathered to share their thoughts about the tragedy, the victims, and death of bin laden. >> it makes me feel more safer
5:48 pm
to walk around places. >> reporter: the discussion is a reminder of what was lost that day. each year lucky commemorates the anniversary of the the attacks by paying tribute to those lost in a special garden with dedication plaques outside the school. students say it's a way to honor those who dieded. >> every year we go out and plant them on the day or have an assembly in the cafeteria to take a moment to remember the day. >> people are trying to be strong and still have memorials every september in remembrance of the people that died. >> reporter: lost but never forgotten. the death of the man responsible for the killing of so many is long awaited justice. a jubilant crowd sang the national anthem during a
5:49 pm
spontaneous rally in front of the white house. what started out as a handful of people grew to a mass of thousands. some of the first people in the crowd were two members of the fox 5 sports team. >> usually he's covering sports celebrations, but last night they found themselves in front of the white house. he's here to tell us how all that happened. >> reporter: we were covering the caps and lightning game and we heard bin laden was killed. we were waiting and waiting to hear from him. when we were cleared from our sports position, we were driving home and started to listen to president obama on the radio. i said see those flags. that's the white house. that's where he's speaking. we have to go by. as we were driving by, we saw people running through lafayette square. we said we have to go. so we parked the car. we ran in and we got pretty close. we were one of the first people
5:50 pm
there. we got pretty close. we're watching and everyone is waving flags and they are celebrating and everyone is being so friendly. we were there for 25 minutes and we go there's thousands of people behind us and we're no longer in the back. we're way near the front. >> what was it like? have you ever experienced something like this? >> reporter: it was weird because it seemed like everyone was united and feeling good. the country needed good news. everyone was so polite and courteous. you'd think there would be some sort of incident. there were people sitting on people's shoulders. there wasn't any of that. it was people being courteous and taking pictures. >> we took pictures. it was cool because dave is a marine. he was very proud.
5:51 pm
we all were. they sang the national anthem. they sang proud to be an american. >> how long were you down there? >> about 40 minutes. the one thing that struck me was everyone was looking at the white house saying obama has to come out and acknowledge us. we said security wise, he couldn't do. but he had to be debriefed. >> you could hear the cheering from within the white house. >> he had to know. it was a special feeling. glad i got to share it with ross. it was a lot of fun. >> the media is right there on the ground at the white house too. they were able to turn their lights. >> it was nice outside.
5:52 pm
made a nice night to be out there. >> we had a beautiful day today too. it's so nice to be free of rain and storms. today's high 77. we continued to have a lovely evening out there. there's a slight chance we could get a shower here and there very late tonight. especially to the northwest. the better chance is going to come this time tomorrow night. most of tuesday will be dry. here are your weather headlines. the biggest headline is we've been talking about the tornado outbreak across the deep south. the national weather service continues to evaluate the damage locally. so far 12 confirmed tornados across virginia and maryland from last wednesday and thursday. the strongest one of all was that ef2 in rockingham. there was several other weaker tornados in andrews. there was an ef1 in st. mary's on thursday morning.
5:53 pm
you can see the entire list and the full report by going to you'll find that link to check it out to see the damage. today's temperatures 77 degrees. we're going to have a comfortable night. but we're also going to be looking for another chance for some showers and thunderstorms tomorrow night. we're headed for the 80s. it's going to be warmer than it was today by maybe 5 or 6 degrees. it will be more humid too. we think a chance of storms around late tuesday. there could be a shower before that, but any time after 6, we could see storms forming to the west. some could be strong. then for wednesday, showers linger into the morning. it's going to be a cooler sayday. dropping from low 80s to 60 degrees on wednesday. here we go again up and down and all over the place. a few clouds to our north. you can see a couple showers. this is the big line we're watching. there's an area of low pressure
5:54 pm
creeping in this direction. this is not an area that needs more rain. you heard about the mississippi. it's very full. we don't want to see more rain in the region. unfortunately it's on the way. down to the south, we have had the low 80s today. not only can you see the heat around us now, but on the other side of the cold front, which is just through here, check out the drop in temperatures. 52 in cincinnati. 58 in chicago. 55 in st. louis. we're going to get some of that cooler temperature coming in our direction. that will be on wednesday. your forecast tonight. mild. maybe a spotty shower northwest. only a slight chance. most of the daylight hours tely dry. late evening we could see a shower or thunderstorm. a temperature of 82 degrees. some of those showers and storms could be on the strong side. so warm with thunder. 67 at 8 in the morning. by noon 77. by 4:00 80 degrees. here's your 5-day forecast. we have a warm day tomorrow. we drop it by 20 degrees on wednesday.
5:55 pm
thursday kind of quiet. a couple showers around. not a washout. friday it's 70. our temperature on saturday not 59. it should be closer to 9 degrees. we'll keep an eye on the showers and storms and have an update tonight. >> all right. thanks. little did anyone know the president had to play it cool when seth meyers cracked that joke at the correspondence dinner. even saturday night president obama's orders were being carried out. he wasn't dead at this time yet, but the seals were closing in had. seth meyers had already complained his birth certificate jokes were useless. this would have been one more joke out the window. let's check in on a look at the news at 6. the events of 9/11 changed
5:56 pm
our lives forever. we're going to talk to those who were first on the scene at the pentagon. o
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